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Perfect Sunday.

It started with a visit to the baby kale plants, which grew nearly an inch overnight.

Who knew kale could be so cute?

Sunday continued on with the transformation of this:

(Raspberries, peaches, a banana (hiding behind the raspberries) and 4 huge leaves of kale + water + Blendtec magic)

Some action shots:

Those leaves didn’t stand a chance.

Breakfast/lunch…thank you very much.  32 oz. of green(ish) smoothie.

After all of that excitement, almost-Husband and I headed to the grocery store, which generated about this much enthusiasm from him:

Not that it mattered.

An hour or so in the kitchen…

…resulted in a gigantic batch of vegan yam and peanut soup, which will feed us for at least two dinners this week (which means more time for me to do more important things, like catch up on the Jersey Shore shenanigans).  I love making Sunday soup, and am going to try to have as many “Soup Sundays” as possible this fall.  It makes life sooooo much easier.

And now the weekend is over.  My man is (inexplicably) washing the car in the dark, and all I have left on my “to-do” list is rescue the last load of laundry from being forgotten in the dryer all week, have a shower and go to bed.

It was the perfect Sunday.