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On Eating Leaves…and Other Things.

Back in 2005, I started blogging.  I didn’t really blog about anything in particular and my blog was mostly just a mix of my daily thoughts – whether I was excited about a trip, wanted to share a product I’d recently fallen in love with (or hated), or tried a new recipe.  My blog had no focus, but I loved it.  After a few years, my posts started to dwindle from at least one per day to *maybe* a few times a week, as my inspiration faded and life got busy.  I felt like without a focus, I had nothing to blog about.  My poor, abandoned little blog was left to float around in cyberspace while I turned to other diversions.

I made a few attempts at re-starting a blog by trying to focus things in on my interests, namely photography, cooking and nutrition/health.  But then when I couldn’t think of anything to write on the subject at hand, I would lose interest again and my three loyal readers would be, again, removing my blog from their favorites.


The thing is, I really like blogging.  I like the ritual of writing and the process of getting my thoughts down.  I needed to find a way to blog with enough focus to keep me interested, but not so much that if I didn’t have something to say about, say, food on a particular day, that I could blog about whatever else was on my mind.

On Leaves:

I eat a mostly vegan diet, and a very large part of my diet is based on things that are green and leafy.  I blend them.  I cook them.  I eat them raw.  I eat them – lots of them – every single day.  So I do plan on focusing this blog a bit towards health, and the achievement of better health that has been my focus personally over the past few years.

On Other Things:

I don’t only eat leaves.  I also write, run a side photography business, travel, spend time with the almost-Husband, watch trashy TV, consume products, opinionate on just about everything, and am learning to garden.  I’ll blog about all of these other things as well as, I’m sure, a lot more.

Let’s see what happens.  I’m off to eat some leaves now.