The newest love in my life.

When I launched my photography business in April of this year, I quickly realized that my trusty little Dell laptop would not be able to keep up with my needs.  I needed speed and power, and my laptop brought neither of those things to the table.  It did bring a tendency to crash in the middle of editing photoshoots and freeze up for no apparent reason.

Good times.

Anyways, I started shopping around for something new.  I asked for recommendations and 99% percent of the people I asked told me to go for a Mac.  I haven’t used a Mac since elementary school and the idea of switching to a new operating system unnerved me a bit.  However, in the end, I decided to go for it.  Could all of those people really be wrong?  I custom ordered it from a small outfit in California and 10 days later, I picked it up from the courier.  It sat on my work desk in its box for four agonizing hours before I could take it home, unpack it, and fall in love.

And fall in love, I did.  In about 12 minutes flat.  And I’ve hardly put it down since.

It’s intuitive, it’s funky and best of all…it’s FAST.  It can run heavy-duty software on top of other heavy-duty software, and when it sits on my lap, it doesn’t burn my legs.  So far, I’m more than impressed.

Shove over, almost-husband…an inanimate object has stolen my heart.


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