Kris: 1, Hurricane Igor: 0.

A few weeks ago, we had a little visit from Hurricane Igor.  Igor was my first hurricane and I wasn’t sure exactly what to expect.  Turns out, Igor spared us any real damage and mostly it was just a LOT of rain and crazy winds.  The photo above was taken out of our bathroom window about 9 hours before Igor actually arrived (we started feeling the winds two days before).  I was worried about the house – the windows, the doors, our bikes and our car…but I never even gave my garden a second thought.

Oh, my poor garden.

The afternoon following Igor’s visit, I went outside to assess the damage and found this:

The disaster formerly known as my tiny salad garden.  Igor pummeled it with salt water for 48 hours and as it turns out, plants don’t love that.  Who knew?  Poor things.

Here’s a close-up of the sad, sad basil:

Why, oh why, did I not strip the plants?  My heart weeps for the gallon of pesto that could have been.

Anyways, a few weeks of mourning went by before I took it upon myself to say goodbye, rip the plants out and start new.  I decided to simplify things and stick to greens.  They are crazy expensive to buy, they grow like crazy we eat them daily.  And most importantly, aren’t they pretty?

Gorgeous.  But not my favorite:

Those tiny beauties are baby kale plants, growing from seeds I got from my Dad, the small-garden guru.  I planted them last weekend and as of this morning, 4 of the 12 plants have sprouted through the soil.

So, Igor, the garden has made a comeback and will be better than ever.

The fate of the rescued basil, however, is yet to be determined.


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